Paper Fashion Show 2015

Date: June 26, 2015 Category: ,


Model_Kate Greenley, nxt|MODEL

Photographer_Trevor Gass

Since 2004, the Art Directors Club of Denver, ADCD, creates the largest annual paper fashion show in the nation. Proceeds from the show benefit ADCD’s scholarship fund and Downtown Aurora Visual Arts, DAVA, which provides community-based arts education programs for at-risk youth ages 3 to 17.

Studio Shell was thrilled to participate in the 11th annual paper fashion show in May, 2015.  Xpedx donated the Mohawk Strathmore paper.

The dress is inspired by the long sharp spines found in the microstructure of a grain of pollen. The paper is cut into many custom patterns that are then folded and creased.  In some areas, the paper is glued to thread in columns and rows, in a method similar to window blinds, that follow the curves of the body.  This formation allows the garment to stretch and hug to the body as it moves.  The focus was to achieve a realistic, breathable garment that moves like fabric, so that each “spine” catches the light as it moves.  The sides of the skirt were made translucent to create a lace-like effect that reflects the geometry of different types of pollen.

We are honored to have the dress on display at Xpedx in Denver.